About Us

Company Philosophy

At Rapid Electric, our mission is to stand out as the premier provider of electrical engineering products, catering to the needs of discerning consumers. Our dedication extends beyond products; it encompasses creating a distinctive destination and delivering services of the utmost quality.

Our core values encompass exceptional customer service, unwavering ethical conduct, and a resolute commitment to both people and the environment, deeply ingrained in our corporate culture. This culture, reflecting our values, aims to secure global recognition for fulfilling our vision and mission.

Crucially, we are devoted to nurturing and sustaining exceptional customer relationships while consistently exceeding their expectations. We acknowledge that our existence as a business is intrinsically tied to our valued customers. Rapid Electric is committed to upholding a culture of quality as a way of life, ensuring that we unfailingly provide our customers with top-tier products, services, and experiences.

Our Mission

Rapid Electric's mission is to elevate lifestyles with stylish and intelligent electrical solutions, setting new standards for premium quality and innovation

Our Vision

We want to be an innovative and responsive top-class electrical organization that's aligned with future customers needs and expectations.

Our Goal

Rapid Electric is dedicated to safeguarding customer safety, promoting practicing product recycling, and minimizing property damage

Research & Development

A modern manufacturing facility is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and equipment, and all components are tested and inspected on-site to ensure they meet the highest standards. For conformity to the highest standards, we conduct extensive material selection processes and rigorous quality monitoring processes.

With Rapid Electric products, new standards in electrical accessories are being set. Creating a new concept in safety, reliability, flexibility and modernity has been accomplished by combining superior design and engineering details with modern manufacturing facilities and stringent quality measures.

Research and development at Rapid Electric is fully equipped and works continuously to develop new products, improve existing ones, and innovate. As part of this research and development division, we have a fully integrated product development environment that directs the design and development process throughout.

A Rapid Electric product is designed for extreme durability. Materials are chosen to withstand extreme conditions. Local wiring practices are carefully studied before the design of any new product. This ensures ease of installation and product durability.


As a professional manufacturer of electrical switchgear systems for more than 40 years, Rapid Electric has built a reputation for constructing innovative switchgear systems of the highest quality. Our company has developed a reputation for quality workmanship and many years of experience. By providing Rennzo product ranges, it ensures that highly specific requirements are also met.

The Rennzo Series represents the evolution of Rapid’s research, as it once again prioritizes engineering design, especially in terms of its environmental attributes, and pivots around ideas like variability and sustainability, performance, and ease of use.

By using advanced materials and engineering, it is possible to create new environments made possible with the products developed. The result is an installation system that seamlessly blends with the surrounding environment.

How We Work

Brand Rapid Electric establish in 2008. The company have 15 years of manufacturing experience & 39 years of electrical industry experience & excellence so far. Rapid Electric presence showing in multiple state across India & tide up with 100+ distributor, 5000 retailers, 300+ employee staff & spread within 54000 manufacturing facility.

Rapid Company


Rapid Electric’s corporate family consists of all those who are associated with Rapid Electric and represent the company’s greatest assets. In addition to producing the products and services we offer, their hard work also directly impacts the company’s success and propels it forward. Rapid Electric associates share a trusting relationship built upon mutual respect and trustworthiness. To maintain this relationship, Rapid Electric and its associates must adhere to certain principles.

Each individual is valued and empowered to accomplish their goals through a structure that provides development opportunities, personal satisfaction and career advancement.

In order to maintain high standards of personal conduct at work, and to fulfill responsibilities effectively, each of us must maintain high standards of personal conduct. As a result, we are committed to providing a clean, safe, productive, comfortable, healthy and rewarding working environment, as well as treating all individuals with the utmost respect and dignity.

Rapid Electric’s work environment will be open and participative to foster good relationships and positive change. We will share information, best practices, and strategies with our team for their individual and organizational benefit.

No quality sacrifice !

Every product on the market today is made to enhance its prevalence. Rapid Electric Accessories’ emphasis on purity starts with the materials and design to make sure the goods can easily retain the highest level of quality.
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